Will you ever consider making another youtube video?

No. Next.

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I needed to occupy myself with something while I waited for the Duet CD (and wanted something special to celebrate my 2000th post, too!) so I DID THIS THING HERE. Obviously it’s not finished yet because I’m slow and take forever to get things done so HAVE A WIP INSTEAD.

Some of you might recognize this scene from a certain opening sequence to a certain magical girl anime movie… the name of which song is LUMINOUS, no less.

Can I have a +*+*+MY SHINING+*+*+ squeal here please… I still can’t believe that actually happened?? Is this fate?? HOW FITTING IS THIS. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS SHIP. I JUST CAN’T.

Only the general motions are traced, everything else is 100% hand drawn and took a lot of editing, references, blood and tears. Hope you like these cute little shotas in love!

(I doubt anyone will ask but, just in case: no, I will not share the individual frames. Blah blah don’t repost, enjoy!)

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((((  °Д°)))ノGAMA X MAKO!!! Someone finally did it!!! OMG!!!

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Rin and Haru Color Scheme Swap for your viewing pleasure.

In which Rin and Haru try to switch lives for a day?

Tell me the truth. How much does it really hurt?

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Somehow he’s the only actor who managed to pull off the overdramatic villain yell without me snickering quietly into the collar of my shirt.

Possibly there’s just nothing he can do that will compare to the super-hilarious way the guy in the bandage costume is always like… sort of prancing? Like he’s doing a spider impression? It’s really distracting.

But also in that last gif he legit looks like he could unhinge his jaw and actually eat them all and that is terrifying.

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cisswap designs for koujaku and clear! KO-JAKU AND CLEAR-CHAN, HHAHAHA………………….. [rolls off a cliff]

im weeping it’s nearly 9am now and i havent slept… SCREAMS

Bad Moon Rising

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The glorious song from this scene:



"Someone who can reach you and bring you back."


AU: Stiles and Derek going on cute dates (✿◠‿◠)

Happy birthday, Jessy!!